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MEDES is a seafood exporter & foodstuff of West Asia, with products established in 2020.

Among the advantages of MEDES are having the widest supply network, The largest variety of products, and flexibility in supply along with product sustainability & safety.

The main idea of creating the MEDES group is based on removing some of the limitations of the region’s fisheries industry, which is our competitive advantage.
Based on the successful and unsuccessful experiences of previous generations, as well as the existing facilities and resources, we started with a new idea, and we have come to say something new.

Our network

We at MEDES group by having our specific network with innovative Methods all over its territory can provide food safety and a sustainable supply for our partners. On the other hand, it creates opportunities for the development of local communities.

We are a link between the local farmers or fishermen and importers. We ensure that farmers can sell their products, efficiently and with difficulty, at the right price. On the other hand, we provide the customer with a stable supply of seafood of the quality they expect – also at the right price.

MEDES is more than a supplier. We contribute to value creation and an integrated approach to the value chain. We have extensive market knowledge and experience, quality farmers on our team, and a lot of experience and expertise in seafood production.

Our Team

The MEDES group is proud to be able to carry out its missions by trusting its expert team. Beyond a business, our professional young family is the heart of the MEDES organization.

Trust in the power of teams working towards a common goal where members are valued, supported, and empowered.

Mahdi Najafi

Management Director

  • International market analysis specialist
  • motivated
  • A true leader

Mohammad Aghil


  • PhD in business strategy
  • Intelligent and experienced

Mohammad Moradi


Mahsa Peiman


Mehrdad Mirzad


Maryam Mehri


M.Kian Arasteh


Ahmad kamel


Our Story

Commercial activities in the region’s fishing industry have a rich history. But we have come to facilitate the globalization of our industry with the support of experience and knowledge.
As a young company, we strive to improve quality and prevent the waste of resources by creating creative solutions in our supply chain. In a word, eliminating the shortcomings of the traditional management system was the basis of the formation of our collection in 2020.

First, by being in the industry environment and understanding the conflict between the expectations of importers and the existing tradition of the supply chain, our decision to create a distinctive and facilitating collection was formed. The main focus of our efforts has been to create an international environment within the traditional industry to create the most suitable communication links with global collections.
In the next steps, after creating the value chain, we will move towards more dominance in the regional supply network. One of our most important missions to achieve this goal is to take over vulnerable bottlenecks in our exclusive supply chain.

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