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We have much experience in the Iranian seafood industry and always strive for excellence. Every shipment of frozen Jinga shrimp from Iran is carefully checked to meet the highest standards. You can rely on us as your committed supplier and exporter of Iranian shrimp products, providing an unmatched seafood experience.

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Jinga Shrimp Catching Location

Most of the jinga shrimp caught in Iran are from the wild, while a smaller portion is produced through aquaculture in Balochistan province. However, for commercial purposes and large quantities, sea shrimps are mainly supplied from the provinces of BushehrHormozgan and Khuzestan.

MEDES COMPANY, as a dedicated exporter of frozen jinga shrimp, manages the entire supply chain. This includes fishing, processing, and transportation to provide you with exceptional services. We are proud to be your trusted supplier of Iranian shrimps, ensuring a reliable source of these prized products.

Catching Location

Bushehr Province

Balouchestan Province

Hormozgan Province

Khuzestan Province

Harvest Season

The summer is the main fishing season in FAO 51

The Iran jinga shrimp total harvest volume

Jinga Shrimp Catching Method

These boats are equipped with baskets or nets, which allow for a more careful and selective harvest. The fresh jinga shrimp caught using this method is often of higher quality because it is handled with greater care and reaches the market more quickly.

This method has the advantage of a smaller harvest volume, making it more sustainable and allowing for continuous fishing. This approach not only supports the livelihoods of these communities but also helps preserve wild shrimp stocks in the long term

Gillnetting technique for catching shrimp and fish

Gillnet fishing is known as an industrial method for catching various types of shrimp and fish, especially jinga shrimp, worldwide. It is also recognized as one of the most popular and environmentally friendly methods in Iran, used in several provinces almost year-round.



In Iran, there is another way of catching shrimp known as the Moshta method, or fishing weir method. This traditional technique takes advantage of the natural movement of tides to catch various species like lobsters, crabs, and shrimps.

The Moshta method is characterized by a low harvest volume but a high variety of species. The products obtained through this method are mainly sold to meet the local community’s needs. this method plays an important role in supporting the local economy.

Catching & Processing of Jinga prawn in Iran

shrimp transport

Jinga Shrimp Primary Transport

To move fresh prawns from the ports to the processing plant, we use a special cold truck with seawater and ice. This keeps the product fresh during the ride. Putting them in cold water right away helps keep the prawns cold and fresh.
After they load the chilled jinga shrimp onto the cold truck, they take them to the processing factory. They need to be quick so the shrimp get to the sorting machine within 3 hours of being caught.

Sorting and Packing of Jinga Shrimp

In Iran, we carefully check fresh shrimp to make sure they are good quality and the right size for selling. Skilled workers look at each one and take out any that are damaged or too small. This helps make sure customers get frozen jinga shrimp that are the same size and look good, meeting what they want. In Iran, we sort shrimp with care and skill to make sure only the best products are sent to markets around the world.

Jinga Prawn Storing

In Iran, we keep frozen seafood in very cold places with good refrigeration. Skilled workers handle the frozen jinga shrimp carefully, putting them in special containers to keep them fresh. The storage places are kept at a very cold temperature of -18°C to make sure the product stays fresh. This helps make sure that people all over the world get high-quality Iranian jinga shrimp that taste good.

Supply & Export Jinga Shrimp from Iran

We provide inspection and quality control for Iranian shimp

In Iran, there are many places where seafood is caught. Each place is different in where they get their shrimp from and how they catch them. Our team carefully checks all the products we send out. We follow the rules in the Codex Alimentarius standard for these checks.

We make sure that the Jinga shrimp from Iran we supply are good quality, packed well, and sorted correctly. You can trust that our inspections ensure that the supplied jinga shrimp meets the highest standards.


Document preparation and export readiness for Jinga shrimp

At MEDES company, we are skilled and meticulous in handling legal tasks. Our team will make sure all the necessary paperwork is ready for the supply of jinga shrimp from Iran to meet our customer’s import standards. We will handle documents like certificates of origin, health certificates and inspection results, which are important for proving the shrimp’s origin, quality and meeting international standards. We will take care of the proper handling, storage, and packaging of the Iranian jinga shrimp, as well as conducting tests and inspections to ensure they are safe to consume. We will also ensure that labeling, product specifications, and documentation meet market requirements to prevent any issues during export and import. Our goal is to improve market access and satisfy global consumers’ needs for high-quality frozen shrimp from Iran.

World wide market for Iranian Jinga shrimp

Export destination of Jinga shrimp from Iran

We are pleased to announce that it is exporting high-quality Iranian shrimp products to 5 continents. Our organic shrimp is being shipped to various destinations around the world, including China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Russia, Italy, and the Netherlands. Based on Trade map data.

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