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Kiddi Prawn Species

When discussing Kiddi shrimp, it refers to the Parapenaeopsis Stylifera species. In some sources, Coromandel shrimp (Parapenaeopsis Coromandelica) is mentioned as a subspecies of Kiddi shrimp, but according to the latest classification, Coromandel shrimp is recognized as an independent species.

In the market, due to the similarity of these two species and their simultaneous catch, they are often sorted and packaged together as a combination.


Iranian Kiddi Shrimp Coughing Area

Khuzestan Province

All the coromandel shrimp caught in Iran are sourced from the wild, primarily for commercial purposes and in large quantities. Sea shrimps are mainly supplied from the provinces of Bushehr, Hormozgan, and Khuzestan, with occasional contributions from the Sistan Va Balochistan province.
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Bushehr Province

Harvest Season

Long fishing seasons from spring to autumn

Commercial species, the largest volume of catch among Persian Gulf shrimps

Kiddi Shrimp Coughing Steps

These boats are fitted with baskets or nets, enabling a more careful and selective harvest. The fresh kiddi shrimp caught using this method is typically of higher quality as it is handled with greater care and reaches the market more quickly.

This approach offers the advantage of a smaller harvest volume, making it more sustainable and enabling continuous fishing. It not only supports the livelihoods of these communities but also contributes to the long-term preservation of wild shrimp stocks.

Gillnetting technique for catching shrimp and fish

Gillnet fishing is renowned globally as an industrial method for catching various types of shrimp and fish, particularly kiddi shrimp. In Iran, it is widely recognized as one of the most popular and environmentally friendly methods, employed in several provinces almost year-round.



In Iran, another method of catching coromandel shrimp known as the Moshta method, is utilized. This traditional technique harnesses the natural movement of tides to catch various species such as lobsters, crabs, and shrimps.

The Moshta method is distinguished by a low harvest volume but a wide variety of species. The products obtained through this method are primarily sold to meet the local community’s needs. This method plays a significant role in supporting the loc

Catching & Processing of Kiddi Shrimp in Iran

shrimp transport

Kiddi shrimp primary transport

To transport fresh kiddi shrimp from the ports to the processing plant, we utilize special cold trucks equipped with seawater and ice, ensuring the product remains fresh during transportation. Placing the prawns in cold water immediately helps maintain their freshness. Time is of the essence to ensure the shrimp reach the sorting machine within 3 hours of being caught. This rapid transfer ensures optimal freshness and quality of the seafood product.

Sorting and packing of Kiddi shrimp

In Iran, we meticulously inspect fresh kiddi shrimp to ensure they meet high-quality standards and are the appropriate size for sale. This meticulous sorting process ensures that importers receive frozen shrimp that are uniform in size and appearance, meeting their expectations. We take great care in sorting and packaging shrimp to ensure that only the finest products are sent to markets around the world.

kiddi shrimp storing

we store frozen seafood in well-refrigerated, extremely cold environments. Skilled workers handle the frozen kiddi shrimp with care, placing them in special containers to maintain their freshness. Our storage facilities are maintained at a temperature of -18°C to ensure the frozen product remains fresh. This meticulous approach guarantees that importer worldwide receive high-quality Iranian frozen shrimp for import.

Supply & Export Kiddi Shrimp from Iran

We provide inspection and quality control for Iranian shrimp


Document preparation and export readiness for Kiddi shrimp

At Medes company, we specialize in handling the supply and export of Iranian kiddi shrimp with expertise and attention to detail. Our dedicated team ensures that all necessary paperwork is in order and that the supplied shrimp meet export standards. We enforce rigorous quality control measures, including proper handling, storage, and packaging, as well as thorough testing for contaminants or diseases.

Furthermore, we adhere to specific market requirements for labeling, product specifications, and documentation to avoid delays or rejections during import. Our goal is to enhance market access and meet the global demand for premium frozen shrimp from Iran.

World Wide Market for Iranian Kiddi White Shrimp

Export destination of white shrimp from Iran

We are delighted to announce that we are exporting a variety of Iranian frozen and fresh shrimp products. Our organic coromandel shrimp is being shipped to various destinations in Arabic countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, and Jordan, as per Trade map data.

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