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White Prawn Species

Iranian white shrimp consists of two species: Indian white shrimp, also known as Tugela prawn or white prawn (Fenneropenaeus Indicus), and Chinese white shrimp, also called Banana shrimp (Fenneropenaeus Merguiensis). Both species are native to Iranian waters.


Iranian White Shrimp Catching Area

Khuzestan Province

The majority of white shrimp caught in Iranian waters are wild, with a small portion being produced through aquaculture. Farming of white prawns has been conducted as an experimental project in the southern and northern regions of Iran. However, for commercial purposes and in large quantities, sea shrimps are primarily supplied from Bushehr and Khuzestan provinces.

As a dedicated frozen white shrimp exporter, MEDES COMPANY manages the entire supply chain, encompassing fishing, processing, and transportation for preparing unique services.

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Bushehr Province

Harvest Season

Long fishing seasons from spring to autumn

Commercial species, the largest volume of catch among Persian Gulf shrimps

Chinese white shrimp and Indian white prawn

Chinese white shrimp

The Chinese white shrimp, also known as banana shrimp (Fenneropenaeus Merguiensis), is a native shrimp species found in Iranian waters. It can reach a maximum length of 24 cm and a maximum weight of 50 grams. In terms of economic importance, it has a lower density and occupies a relatively lower position compared to the Indian white shrimp. In Iran, this species has been tested experimentally for aquaculture breeding purposes.

Indian white shrimp

The Indian white shrimp, also known as Tugela shrimp (Fenneropenaeus Indicus), is a species found in Iranian waters. It can reach a maximum length of 22.7 cm and weigh around 35 grams, with an average length of approximately 17 cm. Economically, the Indian white shrimp holds the top position for fishermen, as it is the most abundant species harvested from the seas. Additionally, this species is commercially cultivated in aquaculture farms.

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White Shrimp Catching Steps

trawling boat or trawling ship

Another fishing method is called trawling, where large ships are used to catch a vast quantity of aquatic species from the deep sea in each haul.

However, this method is not considered environmentally friendly in Iran, and several restrictions have been implemented for operation.

Gillnetting technique for catching shrimp and fish

This fishing technique (gillnet) is known as an industrial method for catching white shrimp worldwide.

It is also recognized as one of the most popular and environmentally friendly method in Iran.



Moshta (Fishing weir) is the Iranian traditional catching technique that relies on the natural movement of tides to capture a diverse range of species including crustaceans such as lobsters, crabs, and shrimps that inhabit the nearshore and muddy waters.

Catching & Processing of White Prawn in Iran

shrimp transport

White shrimp primary transport

To move Iranian white shrimp from the ports to the processing plant, we use a special cold car with water and ice. This keeps the products fresh during the journey. Putting them in cold seawater right away helps keep the white prawn fresh and of good quality.

After loading the fresh white shrimp onto the cold car, we take them to the processing factory.

It’s important to make sure the time between catching and processing is as short as possible. We aim to get the shrimp to the sorting machine within 3 hours at most.

Sorting and packing of white shrimp

When white shrimp are caught in Iran, they go through careful sorting to make sure they are good enough for the international market. Skilled workers look at each shrimp and remove any that are damaged. This sorting ensures that customers get frozen white shrimp that are the same size and look good, which meets their preferences and standards. It’s important to note that in many cases, Chinese white shrimp and Indian white shrimp are sorted together.

White prawn storing

In Iran, when storing fresh white shrimp, they are moved to well-maintained facilities with advanced refrigeration systems. Experienced experts handle frozen products carefully, placing them in specific containers or trays to allow for good airflow. Keeping the temperature just right is very important, so the storage places maintain an ideal temperature of -18°C.

We make sure that the frozen white shrimp stay fresh and tasty, providing a top-notch seafood experience for customers all around the world.

Supply & Export white Shrimp from Iran

We provide inspection and quality control for Iranian shrimp

With the increasing number of places in Iran where white shrimp are caught, each having different supply centers, locations, and technologies used, our company is very careful when checking all the shrimps products that are exported. These checks follow the inspection rules described in the Codex Alimentarius standard.

We are dedicated to ensuring that Iran’s white shrimp products are of the highest quality, with proper packaging and careful sorting. You can be confident that our thorough inspections uphold the highest standards for Iranian shrimp and crustaceans.

We are committed to providing unwavering assurance regarding the precision of Iran’s white shrimp product quality, packaging integrity, and meticulous sorting procedures. Rest assured, our thorough inspections guarantee the highest standards for frozen seafood same tiger shrimp from Iran.


Document preparation and export readiness for white shrimp

At MEDES COMPANY, we have the expertise and attention to detail to handle these tasks efficiently. Our team will prepare all necessary paperwork and ensure that Iran’s white prawn meets the required import standards. We will obtain and organize essential documents such as legal documents and health certificates, proving the frozen white shrimp’s quality control test results, smart choice of origin, and compliance with international and local market standards.

Our quality control measures encompass proper handling, storage, and packaging, along with tests and inspections to ensure the frozen white prawns are free from contaminants or diseases. We will also ensure compliance with market-specific labeling, specifications, and documentation requirements to avoid delays or rejections during the import process.

World Wide Market for Iranian White Shrimp

Export destination of white shrimp from Iran

We are delighted to inform you that we are exporting top-quality Iranian white shrimp to numerous countries worldwide. Our frozen white shrimp is being shipped to various destinations, including China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, etc. We take pride in providing our customers with our premium shrimp products.

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