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Welcome to our seafood supplier website! We are proud to offer high-quality Iranian rainbow trout. Our frozen option ensures convenience without compromising freshness and flavor. For a vibrant culinary experience, we also provide fresh rainbow trout sourced directly from healthiest river trout farms in Iran. As a reputable rainbow trout supplier, we adhere to strict quality control measures. Our fresh and frozen rainbow trout is versatile and perfect for various culinary preparations. Choose our product for superior taste and support of sustainable fishing practices. Contact us today to add Iranian rainbow trout to your seafood offerings.

Farmed vannamei Shrimp

Farming rainbow trout in healthy water in Iran offers numerous benefits for importers, ensuring high-quality products and peace of mind. The pristine water conditions in Iran provide an ideal environment for the growth and development of premium rainbow trout. This ensures that the fish are not only healthy but also rich in flavor and texture. Whether you choose the fresh or frozen options, you can be assured of the highest quality rainbow trout sourced directly from Iran. As a trusted rainbow trout supplier and exporter, we take pride in delivering the finest Iranian rainbow trout to satisfy the discerning palates of seafood enthusiasts worldwide.

The Persian Gulf is renowned for its pristine waters and ideal climate, which result in shrimp of exceptional taste and texture. We work closely with local fishermen and suppliers to ensure that only the highest quality Iran Vannamei shrimp make their way to your plate.

Farming Location

Lorestan province

Kurdistan province

Khuzestan province

Hamedan province

Markazi province

Fars province

Experience Iran’s finest rainbow trout, sustainably sourced and available for export all year round with us – a true choice for seafood importers worldwide

Iran, The world number one producer

Rainbow Trout fish Farming Steps

4. Disease Management: Implement effective disease prevention and management strategies to minimize the risk of infections and maintain fish health. Regularly monitor water quality, conduct health checks, and follow recommended vaccination protocols.

3. Grow-Out: Transfer the juvenile rainbow trout to grow-out ponds or tanks, where they will continue to grow until they reach marketable size. Maintain optimal water conditions and provide them with a nutritious and appropriate diet.

2. Juvenile Rearing: As the fry grow, they become juveniles. Move them to larger tanks or ponds to allow more space for growth. Continuously monitor water quality parameters and provide balanced feed that meets their nutritional needs.

1. Fry Rearing: Once the eggs hatch, we will have rainbow trout fry. Transfer them to dedicated rearing tanks or raceways equipped with proper water filtration and aeration systems. Feed them with suitable diets, typically starting with live food and transitioning to formulated feeds.

Catching & Processing of Vannamei Shrimp in Iran

Farmed-Raised Shrimp Catching

With meticulous attention to detail, our experienced team employs advanced techniques to efficiently catch and harvest these prized fish. Our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated staff ensure that the rainbow trout are carefully handled from the moment they are caught until they reach your doorstep. With a focus on sustainability and maintaining the natural flavors of the fish, we prioritize responsible farming practices and maintain strict quality control standards. As a trusted rainbow trout supplier, we strive to provide you with the finest, most flavorful, and ethically sourced rainbow trout from Iran, guaranteeing a premium seafood experience for our valued customers.

Vannamei Shrimp Primary Transport

Discover the finest farmed rainbow trout from Iran at our seafood supplier. Our industrial catching process ensures freshness and quality. With advanced techniques and strict quality control, our dedicated team harvests these prized fish responsibly. Experience the natural flavors of our sustainably sourced rainbow trout. Choose us as your trusted rainbow trout supplier for an exceptional seafood experience.

Sorting and packing of vannamei shrimp

After catching the vannamei shrimp in Iran, they undergo careful sorting procedures based on size, quality, and market requirements. Experienced workers examine each shrimp, removing damaged or undersized ones, ensuring only the finest specimens progress. This guarantees customers receive shrimp of uniform size and appearance, meeting preferences and industry standards.

Sorting also streamlines subsequent processing and packaging. In Iran, sorting Vannamei shrimp is conducted with utmost care and expertise, ensuring only the highest quality shrimp reach markets worldwide.

Vannamei Shrimp Storing

Storing Vannamei shrimp in Iran involves transferring them to well-maintained storage facilities with state-of-the-art refrigeration systems. Experienced professionals ensure careful handling and arrange the shrimp in designated containers or trays for proper air circulation. Temperature control is crucial, with storage facilities maintaining optimal temperatures of -18°C. The shrimp are stored in separate compartments based on size and quality. This meticulous attention guarantees that the shrimp reach worldwide markets in pristine condition, maintaining freshness and taste even after being stored for up to 12 months.

Already Implemented in Our System


Supply & Export Vannamei Shrimp from Iran

We provide inspection and quality control for Iranian shimp

Given the proliferation of Iran vannamei shrimp farms across Iran, each boasting distinct supply centers, geographical placements, and employed technologies, our organization diligently undertakes comprehensive inspections of all export vannamei shrimp products. These inspections are executed in strict adherence to the inspection principles outlined in the Codex Alimentarius standard. Rest assured, we provide an unwavering assurance of the utmost precision pertaining to Iran vannamei shrimp product quality, packaging integrity, and meticulous sorting procedures.

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"Document preparation and export readiness for vannamei shrimp"

We have the expertise and attention to detail required to handle these tasks in MEDES company. Our team will ensure that all necessary paperwork is prepared and that the vannamei shrimp from Iran meet the required export standards. We will take care of obtaining and organizing documents such as certificates of origin and health certificates, which are crucial for proving the vannamei shrimp’s origin, quality, and compliance with international standards. Our quality control measures will include proper handling, storage, and packaging of the vannamei shrimp from Iran, as well as conducting tests and inspections to ensure that they are free from contaminants or diseases. We will also ensure compliance with specific market requirements for labeling, product specifications, and documentation to avoid any delays or rejections during the export process. By executing these tasks effectively, we will contribute to enhancing market access and meeting the demands of global seafood consumers for high-quality vannamei shrimp from Iran.

World wide market for Iranian vannamei shrimp

Export destination of vannamei shrimp from Iran

We are pleased to announce that it is exporting high-quality Iranian Vannamei shrimp to a wide range of countries. Our delicious and nutritious shrimp is being shipped to various destinations around the world, including China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Russia, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Iranian frozen vannamei shrimp specification